Fall for the Crunch of Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce

Several years back, I had first experienced eating in Banapple with my college friends. One that made a mark on me about this restaurant is their large serving of food. Of course, the food was great too that’s why I enjoyed eating a lot. I remember that it was a kind of spaghetti that I ate. I was very satisfied with the amount that I partook and I thought that the money I paid was worth it.

Rolling the years a few times forward which is this day, Banapple still offers a large serving of food. It is evident in the new addition to their main course which is the Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce. Aside from its good-deal serving size at 305 pesos, this dish has a lot of good things to give.

When I first saw this dish, my impression is that it’s an ordinary rice meal. It comes with rice, viand, side dish and a sauce. I believed that the excitement comes with the taste. I still had no idea what taste to expect from this dish. All I knew then is that I’m going to eat a rice meal.

On my first bite, the flavors and the textures that played in my mouth are the crunchy fried chicken whose taste I was beginning to recognize as something from a food that I once had eaten before, the creamy sauce with the dominant taste of cream, parsley and milk, and the crunch of both the kernel corn and red bell pepper whose taste I surprisingly found as perfect when they are together.

The overall taste of the dish is satisfying. It tasted just right. There is no distinguishing taste on the fried chicken. It tasted ordinarily. The saltiness of the fried chicken is okay and the creamy sauce halts the former’s overpowering strength, making a perfect combination.

On my next few bites, I noticed that the buttermilk is inside the crust of the fried chicken. Aside from this, I thought that the thigh part is the best part in a fried fillet for the presentation and in taste. And the serving is big considering that it’s a fillet.

The texture of this dish is what made a big impression on me. The fried chicken is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The breaded crust was fried to crunchiness. I should say that the frying part was really optimized to come up with this kind of crunchy fried chicken. Whenever I eat the fried chicken, what I could associate it with is the crispy pata or deep-fried pork trotters. Yes, the perfect description for this fried chicken is it is like the crispy pata. The crunch that the crispy pata gives is the same as it does. The only difference is that the crispy pata is pork and this is chicken.

I think this dish is concentrated on the crunchiness of the fried chicken. It didn’t pay too much attention on the taste of the meat because all that’s noticeable is the crunch. At first I was a little disappointed by the fried chicken, but considering second thoughts, anyway the title given to it is as simple as it is so I need not to expect a profound taste apart from what it could give. The food gave justice to its title.

Fried chicken is loved by many because of its savory taste on the outside and tasty meat on the inside. Its crunchiness on the outside is a texture of food that is always to look for. Aside from these, fried chicken can come in various flavors, depending on what ingredients you put on its crust. Moreover, fried chicken is easy to be part of every meal. If you miss eating anything fried to ultimate crunchiness, go for this Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce.

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