Fall for the Crunch of Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce

Several years back, I had first experienced eating in Banapple with my college friends. One that made a mark on me about this restaurant is their large serving of food. Of course, the food was great too that’s why I enjoyed eating a lot. I remember that it was a kind of spaghetti that I ate. I was very satisfied with the amount that I partook and I thought that the money I paid was worth it.

Rolling the years a few times forward which is this day, Banapple still offers a large serving of food. It is evident in the new addition to their main course which is the Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce. Aside from its good-deal serving size at 305 pesos, this dish has a lot of good things to give.

When I first saw this dish, my impression is that it’s an ordinary rice meal. It comes with rice, viand, side dish and a sauce. I believed that the excitement comes with the taste. I still had no idea what taste to expect from this dish. All I knew then is that I’m going to eat a rice meal.

On my first bite, the flavors and the textures that played in my mouth are the crunchy fried chicken whose taste I was beginning to recognize as something from a food that I once had eaten before, the creamy sauce with the dominant taste of cream, parsley and milk, and the crunch of both the kernel corn and red bell pepper whose taste I surprisingly found as perfect when they are together.

The overall taste of the dish is satisfying. It tasted just right. There is no distinguishing taste on the fried chicken. It tasted ordinarily. The saltiness of the fried chicken is okay and the creamy sauce halts the former’s overpowering strength, making a perfect combination.

On my next few bites, I noticed that the buttermilk is inside the crust of the fried chicken. Aside from this, I thought that the thigh part is the best part in a fried fillet for the presentation and in taste. And the serving is big considering that it’s a fillet.

The texture of this dish is what made a big impression on me. The fried chicken is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The breaded crust was fried to crunchiness. I should say that the frying part was really optimized to come up with this kind of crunchy fried chicken. Whenever I eat the fried chicken, what I could associate it with is the crispy pata or deep-fried pork trotters. Yes, the perfect description for this fried chicken is it is like the crispy pata. The crunch that the crispy pata gives is the same as it does. The only difference is that the crispy pata is pork and this is chicken.

I think this dish is concentrated on the crunchiness of the fried chicken. It didn’t pay too much attention on the taste of the meat because all that’s noticeable is the crunch. At first I was a little disappointed by the fried chicken, but considering second thoughts, anyway the title given to it is as simple as it is so I need not to expect a profound taste apart from what it could give. The food gave justice to its title.

Fried chicken is loved by many because of its savory taste on the outside and tasty meat on the inside. Its crunchiness on the outside is a texture of food that is always to look for. Aside from these, fried chicken can come in various flavors, depending on what ingredients you put on its crust. Moreover, fried chicken is easy to be part of every meal. If you miss eating anything fried to ultimate crunchiness, go for this Banapple Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Parsley Cream Sauce.

Have a Great Day with Goto Topps Bola-bola Special!

Goto or congee or rice porridge has long been a part of Filipino meals served usually during breakfast. It never fails to satisfy the adventurous taste buds of everyone. What does goto have that it is a much-loved breakfast? Why do many consider it as a comfort food on rainy days? And what makes this a food that chooses no time?

At Ayala Malls Marikina, one food stall that offers goto is Goto Topps. Just by its name, it’s easy to know what it serves. One thing that caught my attention and introduced me to one of the foods in their menu is their serving size. I later found out that it’s just their special size and they offer a regular size, but still it’s great to know that. The story behind this is I was walking around the food court, thinking of a food to eat, then I saw a man eating from a huge paper bowl which I haven’t seen from anyone until then. I wondered for a second what could it be and from where it was bought until I saw the marking that it’s from Goto Topps. I told myself that I’m going to try this and have it reviewed, and then comes now.

I am not a fan of goto because it’s just another rice recipe but I think a variety of goto from Goto Topps is worth reviewing. I chose Goto Topps Bola-bola Special to work on. Bola-bola is made from ground pork with seasonings rolled into a ball and steamed. I picked this kind because I think bola-bola special is more appetizing than goto special and I later found out that its difference from the latter is the addition of bola-bola instead of the “tuwalya” or tripe.

As a piece of advice, when you are going to order from Goto Topps, don’t come during the opening of the mall. The rice porridge will still be cooked. It will take more than an hour for it to be cooked. Also, avoid ordering the size which you can’t consume everything. Remember, not all has the privilege to eat a decent meal.

Once I’ve ordered the bola-bola special, the cook cut the bola-bolas into two big pieces, pound the chicharon into bits, sliced the egg into half, poured the rice porridge into the paper bowl, then placed all the ingredients into the bowl of goto, including the chopped spring onions and bits of toasted garlic. The presentation is done basically, without any special touch. The overall look is appetizing though and will make you excited with the hefty serving of ingredients.

When I took my first bite, the most distinguishing taste and feeling that caught my attention is the saltiness of the bola-bola, the umami flavor or the savory taste of the chicharon and the scorching heat of the rice porridge. It’s true that the bola-bola and the chicharon add their own salty flavor to the goto though they are both coming from pork and the rice porridge has also its own saltiness which comes basic as a table salt, all these making the salty taste of the goto come in various degree and kind.

The other thing noticeable in the bola-bola is its firm consistency but tender enough to give in to every bite. On the other hand, the chicharon’s texture also plays a role in making the goto exciting. The chicharon has a little chewiness brought about by being soaked into the mixture. It would have been crunchy if it was not immersed, but it has to be that way; moreover, the texture is still different from the other ingredients so that still adds an element of variety to the goto.

It is not goto when it is not hot. The burning sensation that you feel every time you take a bite of this goto makes eating it satisfactory. The heat of the goto when it touches your palate is like exposing your skin under the summer sunshine at noon. Eat slowly so you’ll not burn your tongue.

After mixing everything, the flavor of the garlic incorporates with the mixture. Meanwhile, the taste of the rice porridge alone which has a little stock is just right, making it fit when not added with condiments. At first, you’ll hold back adding toyomansi or the combination of calamansi (Philippine lime) and soy sauce to the mixture as the addition of soy sauce will make the goto saltier, but it is proven to be false because the toyomansi added citrusy sting to the goto, having a new taste which is exciting. You would want to try putting some again in your next bite. After finishing up all the chewables wherein the toppings last up to the end because they come in a considerable amount, you would also consume the stock left because it’s tasty.

The serving size of the bola-bola special at 69 pesos is definitely enough to make you full. The bola-bolas are compact enough that eating every piece of the half cut will give you a feeling that you’ve eaten a heavy food. The “special” word in this goto variant’s name does not only mean that it is larger in serving size, but it also means that there are some ingredients added namely the egg and chicharon.

Goto is much-loved breakfast by everyone because it is a heavy meal. They say that the heaviest meal of the day is during breakfast and goto qualifies to be one. Aside from this, goto alerts your sleeping system when you wake up in the morning. We all want something that shakes us up each time we rise for us to accomplish what we need over the day; goto does the job. Another reason why we love goto during breakfast is that it is a complete pack meal. It has a variety of ingredients in one dish. This makes goto easy to consume.

When it is raining, goto warms you up from the cold weather. It feels cozy to eat or drink something hot when the room is cold. The feeling of loneliness suddenly shies away from you. Also, it is good to eat a liquidy food especially a hot one on a rainy day. This regulates your body temperature; hence, it makes your body adapt to the cold weather. Lastly, the spices of goto heats you up and energizes you, enabling you to work on some little tasks. These are some reasons why goto is a comfort food on a rainy day.

The simplicity of goto when its ingredients are easily found in the market makes it a food that can be available any time of the day. Also, the presence of rice which is our staple food makes it look appetizing as a meal in the morning, at lunch or in the evening. Moreover, the taste is common in a usual meal, making it an all-natural-flavor food.

To sum it all up, Goto Topps Bola-bola Special is a recommendable food especially for breakfast and rainy days. Compared to the other goto stall that I once bought goto from, I find Goto Topps better when it comes to the overall taste. I will surely buy from Goto Topps again.

Have a Taste of a Japanese Streetfood with TK Takoyaki

Have a taste of a Japanese food as a snack that’s going to wake up that part of your taste buds for the umami flavor. The best part is it comes in a budget price and it’s just around the corner of your neighborhood.

Another addition to the foodcart businesses out there is the TK Takoyaki. As the business name indicates, it serves takoyaki. Its franchise in Arvo is one of the most sought-after food stall that’s located in the al fresco part of the mall. This foreign-cuisine-serving franchise has got something good to offer.

Several years back, it is seldom that Filipinos taste a Japanese cuisine. Either you fine dine in a hotel or go to a specialty restaurant or even more travel to Japan for the authentic dishes. After the boom of the food industry in the Philippines, when Filipinos patronized the influences of the different countries, small-time businesses had their stint and they thrived that’s why now, Japanese cuisine is found everywhere.

Takoyaki is one food that introduces Japan. It has become the most common Japanese streetfood in us. It is easily made and served fast. No wonder it’s chosen by many as a snack.

Japanese octopus ball / takoyaki or literally fried or grilled octopus originated from Japan in the 1930’s and its roots trace back to 1600 when the French cuisine was brought to Japan. Yaki derived from “yaku” means to fry or to grill and the takoyaki is cooked in a specialized takoyaki pan. Unlike the authentic takoyaki, TK Takoyaki serves takoyaki which is filled with squid.

TK’s takoyaki is made with ingredients namely batter, squid and vegetables and topped with different sauces and a handful of flakes. These present a creamy-looking, hefty snack. The dried bonito flakes / dried fish (Katsuobushi) create an element of surprise as you’ll never know what this topping is unless you ask. Also, the sauce is rich and overflowing on top of the balls. On the other hand, you’ll definitely say that the serving is big inside the carton tray by way of looking at it and it is indeed big because this serving that comes in four pieces at 40 pesos is enough to make you full.

When you take the first bite of this takoyaki, you’ll feel the soft, hot batter covered with creamy sauce and flaky toppings touch your palate and as you continue on, the crunchiness of the vegetables and diced squid will add a different texture, making you delight in the variations of the texture. The taste of this takoyaki combines the smoky savory flavor (umami) of katsuobushi, tiny distinct taste of squid, spiciness of the sauce which comes optional, sourness of mayonnaise and the wheat flavor of the batter. This is a snack rich in texture and with ingredients that complement each other in taste like bread and butter, perfect together.

TK takoyaki is best eaten when you cut it into half which is the original form in the pan before the two portions are shaped, because its ingredients remain intact in half pieces. You can opt to eat the whole piece at once but it is not advisable when it has just been served, because it’s like putting a flaming ball in your mouth; it burns your taste buds. Whichever way you want to eat your takoyaki, you’ll surely have a way of telling your experience about it.

If you happen to pass by along the food court and you recognize the smell of a grilled squid, that could be a takoyaki food stall. Sometimes its tang goes far out its perimeter. You might want to try it. I bet you’ll not regret giving it a try.

Give in to Master Siomai Japanese Siomai

Have you ever let yourself be controlled by your appetite that you’ve lost the touch of knowing how much you’ve eaten? That is possible with the food that is here for a review.

Unlike other foodcarts, Master Siomai has ready-to-serve eats — the dumplings. They are served hot also. The server puts the ingredients to the carton tray one-by-one in a skillfully fast manner especially when there are a lot of customers, thus, having a minimal presentation. You’ll get your order quick.

At first look, the dumplings are too small to satisfy your hunger but when you’ve eaten the four-piece serving, you would feel that the serving is just enough. It is because each piece is jam-packed with the ingredients. However, this food can be addicting so you might end up getting another serving.

The carton tray is spacious enough to fit all the ingredients namely, the dumplings, calamansi or Philippine lime and the chili sauce but the soy sauce can easily drip sideways especially if you’ve poured a considerable amount. You have to be careful when you transport your order to the table.

Having bulk orders or the slight predicament of accidentally spilling the soy sauce is not a problem here in Arvo because they have trays to help you transfer your order. The server was thoughtful enough to present me a tray even if it’s just the dumplings and the drink that I would carry. Also, she was kind enough to explain to me the discount that I got.

As I took my first bite, all I felt was the satisfaction from the taste of this food. The smooth and soft texture of the ground pork combined with the seafood taste of the Nori, the saltiness of the soy sauce, the fresh, citrusy sting of the calamansi and the kick of the chili garlic sauce, all rolled in my mouth as I chew, and as I continue grinding, chunks of tasty pork and little crab sticks gave a different texture, making the whole experience a pleasurable one.

The Nori wrapper sets this variety of dumpling apart from the others. It doesn’t come with the usual Filipino food so having it brings a whole new flavor every time. It comes in an ample amount so every bite is rich with the Nori flavor.

When you take a bite, you want to get as much sauce as possible because that adds to the flavor of the dumpling. The sauce totally complements the dumpling. They go together all the time.

I used to like a different franchise of dumplings. It is the first seller that I had known. Then, I began buying from Master Siomai. I remember that the shift to a new one was remarkable because the taste changed at a noticeable level. It didn’t turn out to be better though. Nevertheless, now, I often eat Master Siomai and their Japanese Siomai is the best for me so far.

Usually, the expectation in eating a Master Siomai is always satisfactory but personally, the Japanese Siomai set the bar higher, excluding the Sharksfin Siomai on the list because I support the drive that protects the sharks in the ocean. It’s all because of the Nori.

One serving has four dumplings at 42 pesos.

A dumpling is like a banana that never goes out of season. Any time of the day, a dumpling can set your mood up. It never fails. This Japanese siomai offers to the table a taste that has seldom been in the palate of the Filipinos, reaching out to many to be accustomed to its flavor; hence, it becomes a gateway to trying out extraordinary cuisines out there.

If you want an innovative variant of dumpling that’s sure to fire up your endorphins at an affordable price, go ahead and grab a Master Siomai Japanese Siomai.