Satisfy your cravings with Eggspert Quail Eggs

Quail eggs or “kwek kwek” first became a craze in the streets. It belongs to the same family of the skewered street foods like fishballs. Now, food stalls are in place to cater to the growing needs of the people. Do these food businesses achieve the satisfaction of its consumers?

Eggspert is a foodcart business that serves through providing deep-fried coated eggs and quail eggs. It practices exclusively in producing a variety of street foods like squid balls, kikiam, fish balls, chicken skin and calamares. It also delights in serving its homemade sauce.

Taking an order is a breeze. Once you’ve said quail eggs, the cook reheats the precooked quail eggs deep into the hot frying oil. This is best for this food. Also, the added crispiness to the pouch when fried again is like biting a well-done chicken skin, crunchy and juicy.

The pouch perfectly covers the egg like a baseball caught inside a catcher’s mitt. Sometimes it’s just amazing to see that the quail egg is entirely enveloped inside the pouch because I, when cooking such, had not known how that can be done. I had an experience where only a little of the batter stuck to the egg. It was not funny because I had to eat less of what makes one serving tasteful; the flavor of the sauce usually gets caught in the pouch. On the other hand, the taste of the batter which when fried is the pouch, is not salty and flavorless. Moreover, the color is the ordinary yellow orange color which when poured with sweet sauce turns into an inviting piece of the whole lot.

The size of one piece is the ideal size. You won’t find it hard to put the whole piece in your mouth when you want to savor the mixed flavors of the whole lot or you can cut it into parts when you want to enjoy eating for a longer time. Moreover, the 18 pesos price for four pieces is budget-friendly and your one order is enough to make you full especially when paired with a drink of either a “gulaman” or pineapple juice. However, going back for more is sure an option as this one is totally addicting.

I used to have a not so good experience when I eat Eggspert’s quail eggs. There was a burnt taste in the pouch which I think is from the overused oil. When I was about to review the food, it tasted better so this made me believe that there is inconsistency with the process. I used to think also that there is something lacking in the sauce. It used to be lacking in flavor like being short of soy sauce maybe. Like in the case of the pouch, there is a difference, a slight one on the sauce during my taste test. The sauce had a subtle consistency and its taste is just right. Truly, there is room for improvement here.

Eating the quail egg isn’t complete without the pouch because that gives the saltiness to the egg even at the very light degree like Eggspert’s quail eggs, so my advice is to not let the pouch be consumed all at once. Always make sure you eat both the egg and the pouch covered in the sauce of your choice. At Eggspert, only sweet sauce, vinegar and chili sauce are available.

This kwek kwek is an oasis in the dessert. Once you start partaking, your tastebuds will never stop asking for more. The fact that it’s made of quail eggs discounts whether it’s homemade or bought from a food stall. All that’s important is the same pleasure it brings to everyone.

Noodle House Pork Siomai

Wouldn’t it be great if you have the freedom to create a snack out of a selection of ingredients at an affordable price? I think this would be an awesome find!

Look no further because, in this day and age, this service is found in your neighborhood. Noodle House is one that offers this great service. It is a foodcart business that serves authentic Hong Kong style stir-fried noodles.

At Ayala Malls Marikina, Noodle House is one of the most picked food services to have a satisfying snack or meal. Just go to its area and choose from the menu.

After saying your order, the cook piles up the noodles on the heated pan. Then, you’ll have to wait for the noodles to be cooked but it only takes some moments.

The noodles are then splattered in the cup. Only minimal presentation is done. Sometimes there are noodles left hanging on the rim of the cup or oil and spices stay on the rim when the ladle is tapped on it. Thus, these give way to possible messy handling of the cup. However, the size of the cup is just right to contain everything inside and it gives enough space for your hand to hold it so only accidental touch on the mess can occur.

The two steamed dumpling(siomai) toppings add an appetizing appeal to the unexciting bunch of noodles and the addition of sauces into the whole lot creates a color that makes you crave to taste it. Sauces come in sweet sauce, specialty sauce, teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce, sweet and chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce, peanut sauce and chili sauce.

The over-all taste depends on what sauces you put in it although generally, the taste is salty and spicy. The noodles come in ordinary boiled noodles and mung bean sprouts. The mung bean sprouts are a bit tart and have a nutty flavor. As you bite on these, the crunchiness tells you how fresh they are. To complement the crunch, the smooth and soft texture of the dumpling is added. When all the ingredients are combined in a bite, a rich flavor with mixed textures and oozing sauce bursts in your mouth — you would want to take another bite.

It is best eaten while it is hot. You would want also to always eat the noodles with the dumpling because when you had finished eating the dumplings with some noodles left, you would ask for more dumplings, although the noodles and the sauce can go together, maintaining the overall taste.

The serving size is enough to make you full. With 37 pesos for the noodles which comes with 2 pork siomai and 12 pesos for the “gulaman,” you’ll end up with a decent snack.

The creativity to come up with a customer’s interaction with the overall presentation of the food is quite an impressive strategy for an economy-leveled business. Moreover, it contributes to the satisfaction of the consumers. When it’s all about an exciting food that you are looking for, try Noodle House.

My Food Blog

After I had taken from my new phone a picturesque shot of the food that I was about to eat, I became excited about writing a food blog. I became even determined to pursue this returning pastime with the features of my new phone, which allow me to easily formulate my ideas and come up with an article.

Food is something that is ubiquitous as it is a necessity in life. Therefore, it is easy to find an entry for this blog. I am starting with the foods here at Ayala Malls Marikina(Arvo) which became my go-to place whenever I feel like I want to have a different environment besides home. It can go a long way from this.

I would like to share my honest opinion on the foods out there to somehow inform the audience about some of the foods that everyone can try. Basic information like the price, history of the food company or restaurant, serving size and others to the complex reviews are what is in store for you when you read the following food blogs.

I am on a break in writing movie reviews. The cinema in the town is under construction and I have begun to explore writing food blogs. I will definitely continue doing movie blogs when all is in the right place.

Be sure to check out all my entries especially my new-found niche! Happy reading! 🙂