Some Early Morning Thoughts before I Start My Day

Good morning! I just had a cup of hot milk while browsing the Internet and doing stuff that I like over it. I woke up early again. It was around 3am when I got up because I didn’t want to sleep again after having deep sleep even for only continuous three and a half hours. Actually, last night, I slept early at 8pm, taking my medications before going to sleep, and then at around 10:30pm, I woke up from a deep sleep. What I knew then is that I already slept for long hours, but maybe because of my meds that’s why I was able to get deep sleep. Now, I want to do something until the sun rises so I can do other things like exercising outside through walking around our area where many do the same because the place is perfect for walking and jogging. For those who know the Marikina Heights area, it is the one around C&B Circle Mall (commonly known as S’Mall before) that I am talking about. However, I need to wait until 6am before I can do that because of the IATF imposed guideline of 6am-9am exercise time.

A while ago, I was watching over YouTube a beginners guide on installing a solar power system by Will Prowse. This topic has become important to me because I have just been accepted to a new job! Yes, you heard it right, I am excited because I will be able to save for my future hobby. Praise God! This opportunity came when I was blogging for my last entry. A family friend talked to me about a job for a licensed EE(Electrical Engineer), however I told her that I am a licensed ECE(Elecronics and Communications Engineer) or licensed EE(Electronics Engineer). Later on, I was being presented to the owner of the start-up business on renewables which is the Dhm Renewables, and he said that he is looking for a licensed Electrical Engineer or licensed Electronics Engineer, so I agreed upon the application process. Later that night, I was reflecting on what had just happened during my prayer time. I realized within myself that I want to have a job already to the point that I was getting emotional about it when I was infront of God’s presence. The next day, I was interviewed, and then I was instructed on how I should proceed and what I need to do, and that means that I got the job. I was with fear at first because it had been long time since I last have a job that is related to my field, however, I trust in the Lord, and that is what is keeping me going.

Aside from watching the solar power system video, I also watched Sasha and Christy on their channel. It’s a vlogging channel that talks about their life in NYC. I find their videos relaxing, and I get to know about the different daily homemade and other foods in America. I also pick up some ideas that I can do. Moreover, I get to see some views in NYC in a relaxing way. By the way, they are 18-year old twins. It is seldom that I get to find a channel that I like watching, and I would like to find more channels that I personally like.

It’s still 1 more hour to go before I can exercise outside, but I am onto my last words for this entry. What I should say is that I need to believe in myself and trust God in everything. I know that He has been with me in my journey and He will be here until I meet Him face to face in a long long time from now. I would like to enjoy my stay here on earth with everything that He provides for me. There are more good days ahead of me, and what I have to do now is to seize every day. I hope you do the same too.

Merry Christmas!


Journaling is the Heart of Blogging

Hi! I’ve been wanting to write an entry in this blogsite of mine because there has been a hiatus in writing for me, but I just couldn’t get a topic to write about until I read about a blog entry which is in the form of a journal. Yes, I might as well write journal entries here in my blogsite, especially during this pandemic when there is almost nothing exciting happening around me that I can write about. I think that a journal entry is something heartfelt because it consists of your own experiences, so it is easy to read, and it is relaxing. Also, a journal entry is something unique every time because it tackles about, the same, your own experiences that are unique to anyone in the world, unless you were in the same situation.

Let me start by saying that today, I woke up at around 3:30 in the morning, which is very early. I turned on my desktop computer and browsed the Internet. At first, I was searching for an online job so that I could start saving for my future hobby which is the upgraded version of what I currently do that is blogging. Someday, when the world is at peace, and I have money in my hand, I want to see the world, connect with it, and share it to others through my continuing hobby. Yes, I want to earn a lot of money so that I could spend for all that I need and all that I want, because I believe that money is a grace that makes life comfortable and a lot enjoyable. With trust in the Lord, I know I’ll be able to make it real. For now, I just have to take things lightly and enjoy what is on hand.

Later on, I was searching for ways to monetize my blog. I still don’t know if I will be successful in this for several reasons:

  • First, the niche that I write in my blogsite is not specific. My resolution to this is that I will keep how I write. I will not conform to what is demanded because I want to be free in writing especially that it is by writing through the heart is what matters in blogging.
  • Second, I still have no budget for upgrading my WP account and buying the needed tools. Someday, when I have money on hand, I want to be a paying customer so that I will be able to broaden my reach on blogging.
  • Lastly, I might not be able to reach the breakeven for what I had spent because of not reaching the right amount of views, not being able to sell for affiliate marketing, or other strategies there are. I think even so, I will still continue monetizing my blogsite because writing is my passion.

At noon, I was composing the details of the products that I would add in my shop on Shopee. I already took the photos last night, so only the title, product description, and other information are needed. I was able to upload one product, which is the Gold Angel Pendant Necklace, and I am happy that I was able to capture good shots of them which you will see below this paragraph. I only needed to do some measurements and formulating descriptions for the product highlights. If you find this beautiful and want to own it, you can buy it from here:

I was happy adding another product in my shop, however, I did not have luck on the second product that I was uploading. It is a toothbrush set that I wanted to sell. I was already done taking photos and creating a title and a product description, however, I was shocked when I found out a criterium that needed to be filled out, which is the FDA Registration Number. I knew then that there is no such information on that product, so I thought that I just lost money for buying three stocks of it. Later on, with the help of my mother, I decided to exchange the product at the store where I bought it which is just at Ayala Malls Marikina. With the condition of exchanging the products bought within 7 days written in the receipt, I was able to exchange the items for the other products that I also sell on my shop. I had exchanged them with the WETELL Shaver that is environmentally-friendly because you only need to change the top part, which you can see below. You can purchase them here:

I am glad that there were no interrogations at the store where I replaced the toothbrush set with the WETELL Shaver. After that, I added the stocks on my shop. Aside from exchanging the items, I was at the mall to do an errand for my sister, which is to buy at Puregold using the ShopeePay vouchers at separate transactions, to redeem Potato Corner fries from Shopee Share Treats, and to redeem BonChon Steamed Mandu from Shopee Share Treats. I felt accomplished after doing everything I needed to be done.

Now, I am using my desktop computer to blog about the things that happened to me this day. After all, there are still some things that can be said even when the world is busy with healing itself. I can still spend time doing the things I like in the corner of my room where I am beginning to have quality time. With the thought of writing a journal entry one at a time, I will be able to express myself and continue with my passion. Thanks for inspiring me to start journaling in my blogsite.

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The Remarkable Badge Upon Hitting the 1000 Views of All Time of The Yearner’s Park and Its Other Cool WordPress Milestone Badges

Getting the latest badge yesterday from WordPress made me want to blog about the milestones I have with my blog account. I felt proud about the congratulatory remark made by WP for reaching 1000 views of all time of my “The Yearner’s Park” website. TYP is indeed getting stronger and more meaningful with all its milestones.

Yes, I was able to capture the badges that I received from WP because aside from the proud moment that I have seeing them for the first time, I also like the simple-yet-tells-it-all design of each one of them. Let me start by the very first badge I had captured that caught my attention. It is the three streaks or posting three days in a row. I didn’t pressure myself to post more often when I had received this badge. Instead, I have enjoyed writing whenever there is time to write and whenever I have subjects to write about. This is why I go back to zero on counting streaks every time I miss a day of writing until I surpassed my records and reached my longest streak which is eight days as you will see below. I knew eventually that my writing streak will be cut so I just wrote whenever I felt like writing.

Another badge that I received is the surpassing of the number of likes that I received in one day. I managed to get a total of six likes from the previous record of five likes a day. Every milestone that I have was indeed remarkable, and the badges I receive are definitely worth keeping and for this time, they are worth displaying. Currently, my record of likes is 50 likes.

One more milestone is the 20 posts that I had reached. It was a slow start at first when I began here in WP. I started with movie reviews, then food reviews, and now about my lifestyle. I became more spontaneous when I write because I don’t need to do more research and outline my post when I write about mostly what happens to my day. Well, I sometimes want to do more intensive writing like before, so I just keep myself open to that.

Then came recently and the last that I will be writing here, I received this awesome badge of getting 20 followers. I think on this part of the bloggers’ identity, I lack because I seldom have time to reach out. In this chapter of my life, I have a lot of free time, but I can’t have the right momentum at times to read, comment, like, or look for other bloggers to follow. Well, stating this fact might push me to do so.

After writing all these, I am still in awe of the word “Congratulations” on the notification bar that I saw when got online, which made me create this post. I am guessing that I’ll be receiving another badge as I reach the 50th post, which is this post. I am looking forward to an amazing badge design when that happens.

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I’ve thought about blogging this little love of mine. Just recently, I was inspired by what I had watched on YT. It gave me an idea to video or capture people in their daily lives. I know that my work is just a beginner’s craft because I don’t have the professional devices and I did things semi-discretely. What I mean by that is that I am not shy to take photos or videos but I am conscious and aware that I am somewhat affecting people by capturing whatever they are doing especially when I am caught. However, I think that these days it doesn’t matter if you do that as long as it is your hobby or you are up to good things like how I am.

My subject today are the people here in Ayala Malls Marikina. I was elated a while ago when I had thought about this little agenda. Well, I had come up with a few photos and two videos which I would upload on YT when I got home. I thought of using the photo collage maker that I have in my phone and when I used it, I was glad because I was able to create a nice work of art, which you can see on top of this page.

Ever since, taking pictures is one that I like. As the days go by, I have learned what my subjects will be. I get inspired by the things that I see in movies and YT videos that I watch. One particular subject that I like is anything that depicts a story of a given place, thing, or event. For example, a place is highlighted in a picture by the people in it, the nature, houses, cars, by the sky, by the light, and others. By staring at the picture, one will be able to create a story or remember some things or events in his life through the brands of the visible things, name of the buildings, street names, and all that touches the memory. I call it as a BEST PICTURE, like the one in the Oscars.

In time, when I am able to go to different places, I would like to continue this passion of mine. With more inspirations like in movies and YT videos, I know that I will be able to discover more of what to look for in this life. I will do this over and over again, thinking that there is always an inspiration in the place that surrounds me.

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New Milestones on Biking Elevations and New Experience of Biking Under the Rain

I woke up this morning undecided whether I’ll bike or not. I just did my morning routine and afterwards, I prepared myself for biking. Our uniform color for today is blue. At 7am, my sister and I went to where the United Bikers Marikina group meets. It was a light morning and meeting the group of bikers was the booster of the morning.

Mami Tere, my sister, and I joined the United Bikers Marikina group when they began pedalling from the meeting place to White Plains. It was something new to me because I had never biked to that place before but I just followed the group. The biking of the group was smoothly going on at Katipunan Ave. in Concepcion, Marikina when suddenly Mami Tere turned left towards Rainbow St., telling my sister and I that we will not join the group. I was relieved at first, thinking that it was the direction from the Lord, because I had thought that with the group, if ever I can’t make it to elevations, though Mami Tere said that there are no elevations there, I will just walk my way up.

We biked our way to where we should go in the first place, and that is at the ylang-ylang tree to collect flowers to be put in the altar. We passed by Panorama and that area is where a long elevation is. I was beginning to struggle but I pushed myself to the limit, changing the gears so it will be easier, until I had decided to remove my mask from one ear and let it hanging on the other. I was relieved and I felt easier to breathe, making pedaling a breeze for me with the adjusted gears. I made it to the gate of Rancho 3 without stepping down from my bike. That was an accomplishment! Not only did my accomplishment stop there because I was able to make it to other elevations without stepping down. I just needed to pull down my mask.

At the ylang-ylang tree, we collected flowers. Aside from that, it was the place for us to rest. Our stick, which we use to pick the flowers is gone because the woman last time had broken it. Luckily, there is another stick there, though the former is better than what we used.

When we had enough, we were supposed to go to Goto Gusto in Parang but I told them that there is no bike parking there, so we detoured and had our breakfast at Gen. Ordoñez. I treated them Goto and Okoy. I did enjoy the okoy with the vinegar. I thought the sauce was perfect for the spring roll or okoy.

After eating, our plan was to go to Kuya Rollie’s house to deliver the jersey that he ordered from my sister. Many bikers find our uniform good-looking that’s why they order. My sister orders them from Shopee and pays for the shipping fee. I find the shop owner blessed because my sister acts as the promoter of his or her products. Later on, we met Kuya Jun Tailor and took a photo with him.

Going to Kuya Rollie was not that smooth. We needed to ask directions going to the place where my sister knew he lives. We even met along the way, my sister’s colleague, Celine, who happens to live in the same area where we searched. We also saw her cat with different colors of eyes named Blue. A few moments later, the clouds couldn’t hold the water it has, so the rain poured. My sister and I were under the tree while Mami Tere went under the plant, covering herself with a plastic roof. My sister and I let ourselves be wet under the rain, just protecting our cellphones. In a few minutes, the rain was slowly dying down so we went biking towards home.

At home, we changed our wet clothes and then went to the nearby mall, in Bonchon, to eat lunch. We redeemed Shopee Share Treats, and my sister bought from Foodpanda for pick-up. While we were discussing what to redeem, Kuya Rollie came along and paid the jersey. We found out that he doesn’t live in Cainta anymore, instead, they live in Nangka, Marikina City. It was a good idea that we left Cainta already after raining instead of looking for their house.

There are milestones for today for me and something new for me which is letting ourselves be wet under the rain. It was indeed priceless memories shared in biking.

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Capturing the Scenes of Happiness at the Marikina Hardin ng Bayan

I went out of the house this morning to look for happiness. Now, look what happiness gave me. It led me to a place where real happiness springs out. Nothing beats enjoying the outdoors while staying at the park. With the beginning of one nice camera shot, I was thrilled to continue taking shots until I finally have a compilation of photos talking about one subject, and that is the joy of staying at the park, particularly here in Marikina Hardin ng Bayan.

I was excited to take a photo of the man selling balloons, so I discretely took a shot of him while holding his products. Later on, it led me to capturing the joy and laughter of the kids playing at the seesaw and slides. I would like to show the different scenes here at the park, and that gave me the drive to push through with taking photos. There are sweepers who clean trashes but mostly leaves that fell from the towering trees here. Also, at the front of this park or garden is the statue of Mama Mary where people pray. And just beside it is the place for offering some prayers through lighting of candles. Aside from a place for happiness, this park is truly for reflections. Its wide area makes this place perfect for meditations too because the sound from people doing their stuff here like laughter and screams from children becomes a natural background. Plus, the fresh air from the trees gives you the comfort of staying and doing your rest and relaxation.

When you are here, you will also see dog owners walking their pets and letting them join their feasts outside their home. There are also cats who are freely walking and sleeping sometimes like the one in the photo below. Most of the time, what you will see are people eating and spending time with their loved ones in the long tables that are spread everywhere in the park. Also, this place is devoured by bikers who with their groups spend time together before or after their trips. There are also some bikers who spend time alone, doing what they love.

The colors everywhere in this newly-constructed park or garden, well approximately at one year of being constructed, help makes this place a fun-filled spot for spending quality time. The trees give the natural vibe that one will definitely look for when staying outdoors. With so many things to do outside like what I am doing here now at the park which is blogging, one will surely find happiness in this part of our so-called planet Earth.

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All Worth It for the Koomi Waterberry Wonder

I tried out something new today. While I was walking along the bridgeway of Megamall, I thought of going to the Atrium because it’s in that place where I haven’t gone yet in the entire afternoon that I am here in Megamall. All along, I was caught by the display on one of the shops that happened to be Koomi because I thought it is offering milk teas, then I looked closer and got to know that they offer yogurt drinks and cakes. I was elated knowing it because there are only a few drinks now that I can drink because of my condition and a yogurt drink is one that actually makes me happy. Actually, last night, I just had Dutch Mill Proyo Blueberry Yoghurt while my sister and I were watching The God Committee.

I was sure that I am going to order one drink from Koomi that’s why when I already had chosen a flavor, I went infront and told my order. I chose Waterberry Wonder that is more Australian than Filipino. The waiter told me that the Aussie blend is more on yogurt while the Filipino blend is more on the creamy side. You will see that they even have a bag for takeout. The description on the bag says, “Made popular in Australia, now here in the Philippines! Every Koomi Drinking Yogurt is made fresh daily, using only premium all-natural ingredients that’s sure to give you an enjoyable and healthy indulgence!”

When I first sipped Koomi Waterberry Wonder, it tasted too sour for me. It is because of the yogurt which is enhanced because I chose the Aussie blend and the combination with strawberry. By the way, Koomi Waterberry Wonder is the combination of Yogurt, Watermelon, and Strawberry. After several sips, it was then when I enjoyed it. I tasted more the flavor of the yoghurt and there are bits of strawberries and watermelons. It comes in a small-sized cup and costs 140 pesos. It was worth it because I got refreshed after drinking it and knowing that it is healthy, having consumed it makes me happier. I’d like to try the other variants some other time and choose the Filipino blend to see if it will fit my right range on the sourness.

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How My Morning Went and Trying Out Something New at S&R New York Style Pizza Ayala Malls Marikina

I woke up early today. Though the sun was up, I didn’t feel like doing the laundry so I went to the park called the Marikina Hardin ng Bayan and felt the fresh air. I was letting my mind tell me different things like reflections, memories, and other stuff that give me excitement, something to ponder on, and more reasons to celebrate life. It took a while before I left my place in the park, and it was because the sun was shining over my face, causing me to feel the heat.

Before leaving the park, I was thinking of what I should do outside. It has been this way since the time I enjoyed my time outside the house. I make sure that I spend my time outside for things that make me happy until I have thought of something to do at home, and that time, I go home. Since I have plenty of time, I do the things that I like, and that includes looking at things in the shops, watching movies when it is not hot because my room becomes really hot when it is a sunny day so I usually do it on a rainy day like yesterday, eating, blogging, reading books, and doing stuff on my phone. Today, I went to Robinsons Supermarket C&B Circle Mall that is near the park and our home. I went on looking at products for sale like food, supplies, and other things. Usually, when I find something interesting and when I go back and see that thing again, it makes me see it as interesting as before, so there are times when I buy them, and if not, I just admire them again.

It was already 10am when I left Robinsons Supermarket and that means Ayala Malls Marikina is already open. Before I went to Ayala Mall, I dropped by at National Bookstore Express in C&B Circle Mall that is just near our house, so we are blessed to have two malls near our house. I went over the book section that has books on sale. I had thought that I could sell them on my shop, but I realized that I can also sell books that are not on sale, choosing the books that I find interesting, and after reading and I liked it, I can buy another piece/s to sell on my shop. I was particularly looking for a story that tells more of a particular place with many interesting features, wonderful things wherein the brands, delicacies, and what the place is known for are named, and the way of life of the characters is so colorful. If you could recommend one, please comment below.

When I was about to go inside the mall, I passed by S&R New York Style Pizza, and I thought that I want to try a food that I haven’t eaten yet here. It has been a long time since I wanted to try the other foods that they offer. It’s only now that I find the right time to do it.

I ordered Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger and Red Mandarin Orange Juice meal for 145 pesos. I enjoyed eating it. It has a thick, tender, and juicy beef patty with generous amount of crispy lettuce, two big slices of tomatoes, cheese, and they served it with mayonnaise, catsup, and hot sauce. The drink is tall and I enjoyed it cold with lots of ice.

Given more budget in the future, I would love to try their hotdog sandwiches, pastas, and others. Aside from Italian foods like pastas particularly spaghetti and pesto pasta, I like American foods. We are blessed to have S&R near our place, so we can access it whenever we want to.

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Coin Purse Charms for Sale

While browsing on the photos of the coin purse charms or zipper pulls that I sell online through Shopee, I decided to create a photo collage of them through the Photo Grid app, and the photos turned out to be something that I like. The following photos you will see below are those purse charms. You can buy them at my Shopee page at for only 100 pesos each!

Please give a moment or two to drop by at my shop where you can see the products that I sell online through my Shopee page at Please follow and feel free to navigate my shop and if you find something interesting, you can add to cart and then check out. The items are available in the Philippines nationwide.

The 4th of July is Shopee Share Treats Voucher Redemption Day

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the malls outside of Marikina which are nearest to us namely Sta. Lucia East, Robinsons Metro East, Q Plaza, and SM Masinag to redeem Shopee Share Treats Vouchers. These vouchers are unavailable to the nearest mall to us which is the Ayala Malls Marikina.

At National Bookstore in Robinsons Metro East, we redeemed the NBS vouchers that have 30 pesos discount and no minimum spend. We searched for what we like and/or need in the store separately because we have two devices, one is my sister’s phone and the other is the tablet. The transaction didn’t go smoothly like before because the cashier didn’t receive the confirmation text immediately. It took hours before they received the message, and we even needed to leave my number for them to contact us when they already received it. Later on, the confirmation text was received and we got our items. Thanks to Ma’am cashier for extending efforts for the transaction to be made successful. Shopee in NBS was having trouble yesterday because in all the malls we went to yesterday, the transaction wasn’t smooth to no avail at all. At National Bookstore Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, we still asked if ShopeePay is available because in the cashier it says currently unavailable. Luckily, it was already available. At National Bookstore Q Plaza, we weren’t able to redeem anything because ShopeePay was unavailable. At National Bookstore SM Masinag, my sister needed to bring up a way to redeem the vouchers before we were able to claim the items. All in all, there were 15 vouchers redeemed and around 400 pesos saved.

While we were waiting for the NBS to contact us, we had our lunch at Binalot Robinsons Metro East, and again, we used Shopee Share Treats voucher. We ordered Tocidobo and Longgadobo Meals which are 74 pesos each but we only paid 44 pesos each because of the vouchers. It was my first time eating at Binalot, and I approve of the taste and presentation of their food.

We also redeemed Shopee Share Treats vouchers at Jollibee. The vanilla cone twirls were redeemed after we ate at Binalot, and Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog were redeemed as snacks later that day. I noticed earlier that the combination of the color of our shirt is like that of the Ube Cheese Pie, and then we had our photo taken with it.

Aside from the Jollibee treats, we also ate Kuya J Ube Halo-halo at Kuya J Restaurant in Sta. Lucia East, and again, we used vouchers, two halo-halo’s using two 30-peso discount vouchers with no minimum spend. Again, Kuya J’s halo-halo gave me the good vibes and chills after finishing the whole lot.

At Sta. Lucia East, we also redeemed vouchers at Siomai House. There were 10 vouchers worth 1 pesos each, and the original price of one siomai is 55 pesos. We saved 540 pesos all in all.

Lastly, we also redeemed Shopee Share Treats vouchers at Candy Corner in SM Masinag. We redeemed 45 vouchers worth 1 peso each. The items that were for claiming are Gourmet Lollipops. The saleslady was busy punching codes on their system when I came and said that she has a long list of codes to punch. It means that there are also other people like us who patronize Shopee Share Treats. One lollipop is worth 35 pesos. All in all at Candy Corner, we saved 1,530 pesos. Wow!

Please give a moment or two to drop by at my shop where you can see the products that I sell online through my Shopee page at Please follow and feel free to navigate my shop and if you find something interesting, you can add to cart and then check out. The items are available in the Philippines nationwide.